Coaching will provide you with individual guidance and support needed for your personal growth. Central issues are awareness and development of your personal wisdom and strength.
Out of your wisdom you can make choices that are right for you at that particular moment. Acting from your inner power you can make these choices meaningfull.

Coaching can be effective in many areas of your life:
Your job, yourself, relationships, raising and educating children etc.

Possible issues or themes:

  • Revealing and bringing your core qualities and talents to the surface.
  • Transforming emotional pain into True Self power.
  • Waking your conscience through exercises and accomplishing tasks.
  • Discover and live your passion.
  • Learning to allow yourself to be who you really are.
  • Discover and use your resources.
  • Improve the quality of your life.

Various techniques (see homepage) can be part of the coaching. The coaching is focused on you as a person and your question(s) are at the center. At the intake we will define together what is needed for your process.

Sessions last usually for about 2 hours.
Individual session 2 hours € 100,-
Short route 6x € 550,-
Long route 10x € 900,-

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