NEI is a method which transforms restricting patterns, beliefs and behaviour into positive qualities. It clarifies and offers insights.
Your behaviour, your thoughts and your feelings are determined mostly by your sub-consciousness. They bear imprints of unprocessed experiences.
You believe in your own perception of reality, but the way you perceive is manipulated by your (religious) convictions, ideas, thoughts and emotions. In fact you still seek confirmation for what you believe is real. Even if this is very painful.

As a child you have activated “survival” mechanisms to protect yourself, but as a grownup these ‘strategies’ still influence your reactions.

NEI uses kinesiology (manual muscle testing) to detect obstructing emotions and create awareness, acceptance, integration and transformation. NEI offers many possibilities for further personal growth and development.
NEI will carry you back to your true self: you are essentially perfect the way you are right now.

Price € 50, – one hour.

NEI is developed by Scot Walker and was introduced by Roy Martina in The Netherlands.
Wilma Klein developed the NEI therapy for children and the NEI mastereducation in The Netherlands.

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