Yogas citta vritti nirodhah.
Yoga is silencing the disturbances of your mind.

The meaning of Yoga is to unite and it signifies the union with the universal conscience. Wholeness of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body.
Yoga teaches to transcend the limitations of your personality and to stay permanently in a state of self awareness.

Yoga means balance.
Balance in body and mind.
Balance in inner world and outer world.
Balance in action and rest.
To reach that balance yoga class consists of meditation, yoga positions, relaxation and a cup of tea.

Meditation is something to learn rather than a capacity.
Meditation teaches you to value yourself, it teaches to take time in order to calm down mental and emotional disturbance and it teaches to let go of resistance, refind your balance and to feel connected with all and everybody.
To be attentively present in the moment and at the same time completely calm, to welcome the world and to be amazed by life itself.

In meditation you try to distract your attention from your inner voices and the outside world by concentrating and focusing on either an object, a perception, a mantra, the AUM-sound or being lead by a guided meditation.

In practising Yoga positions (asanas) your limitations are the main issue.
It is a search for the possibilities and boundaries of your body gaining awareness of processes. By practising yoga your muscles gain strength, your physical condition improves. At the same time you become aware what limits are present and the challenge is to recognize and accept them. Different forms of yoga breathing are also practised in class. After exercising a number of related yoga positions relaxation follows, everyone being surrounded by soft loving music.

Yoga, meditation, asanas, relaxing

Small group on Fridays from September 7- 2018, 9.30-11.30 AM

Individual yoga guidance: contact Wilna.