The Journey is an adventure that leads you through the landscape of your emotions. The focus is on learning how to embrace your emotions instead of denying them.
They form the path that lead you to your true Self and offer you access to the love and peace within.
Through your emotions you are guided to who you really are:
a Divine ray of light.
This adventure takes you to unconditional acceptance and forgiveness.
You discover that you are perfect the way you are:
including all imperfections.

A Journey–session will take at least 2 hours.
Price: € 50,- one hour.

The Journey is developed by Brandon Bays.


Ilahinoor means divine light and Ilahinoor is the Turkish translation of universal light.
It comes from Nur Ilahi wich means Divine ray of enlightment. Ilahinoor healing is a powerful new healingsystem that adds to the acending process of humanity. This evolutionary energy has a very high frequency and belongs to the new earth energy (aquarius) The healingtechnique is developed by Kiara Windrider.

Ilahinoor has been developed based on the old Egypt and Sufi tradition and other consciousness transmissions (cetacean) Ilahinoor has the power to integrate the wisdom of the higher self into the subconscious mind. And also allows the conscious self to express a deeper quality of divine possibilities in daily life.

The basic technique is learning to form a bridge between the subconscious mind and the higher self. Once this happens, the full creative capacity of the higher self can flow through our lives for the purposes of healing, embodying our divine purpose, and manifesting new realities.

Ilahinoor loosens up the brainreceptorbands with the lower frequencies and the frequencies corresponding to the Collective Subconscious Mind. It simultaneously dissolve the loops with the part of consciousness that create the sense of separate identity (ego) In the current species of humanity, the brain is designed in such a way to function as a receptorstation reacting on the frequencies of the Collective Mind. Because of the ilahinoor healing this will be eliminated and the brain becomes sensitive to a wide range of superconsciousness and Universal Mind frequencies.

What happens when Ilahinoor is given?
Some may immediately go into a peak experience of bliss, deep silence, or cosmic consciousness. For others, there may not be an immediate response felt, and it may take hours, days, or weeks before they start noticing a change. Once the ilahinoor is received, the seed of awakening and ascending has been planted, regardless of how you experienced the healing personally. The energies will continue working with you in accordance with your own soul’s purpose. Also your physical body will be prepared and this energy will integrate in your consciousness (this is the seed brought into fruition)

Kiara Windrider
Born in India, Kiara Windrider, MA, is a psychotherapist and author of Doorway to Eternity, Fire from Heaven, and Journey into Forever. He has been researching the process of planetary awakening for many decades, and has been teaching Ilahinoor for the past two years. For more information about Kiara: www.ilahinoor.net


Reiki is a system of healing based on the use of universal love.
You are ‘touched’ by healing energy on different levels.

During a Reiki-session the Reiki-energy is channeled by focused attention and intention. By placing the hands near and on various parts of the body the Reiki Master mediates the love-energy.
After a Reiki session you feel completely relaxed, warmed, refreshed, reborn and loved.

Reiki can be supportive, in the various experiences of life on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.
There is a possibility to learn how to practice Reiki yourself. In this case you’ll receive an ‘initiation’. This can either be Reiki 1 or Reiki 2.

Price € 50,- one hour.

Initiations to be discussed.
Please contact me.