Hawaiian Bowel cleansing, good food and herb knowledge with Lena Kristina and Wilna Eenkhoorn.

Clean your body and soul, get rid of toxins with today’s modern therapies, green drinks and good food! More and more people focuses on creating health and well-being. And the knowledge of how we can withstand disease and fatigue, reduce aging effects and increase our energy is constantly evolving.

Treat yourself four days to:

  • Meditation, Yoga and Breathing sessions;
  • Solid and intestinal purification;
  • Shake off life loads;
  • Free yourself from stress;
  • Bring in a body and soul ease;
  • Explore your personal health in new dimensions;
  • Regain your best vibrating joy;

The course begins with removing toxins, which unlock your mental and physical energy, and within a week they will leave your body more cleaned. When the cleansing of poisons has begun you open a new door to healing and reconstruction processes. This encourages more of your natural beauty, strength, power and balance. You drink lightly salted water in the morning and three times in the day you take a special formula of a plant mix and a volcanic ash. This exits plaque and intestinal parasites and viruses. Personal counseling and group processes about health and personal development. Information about healthy eating, vegetarian food.

Adress: Noordermeerweg 13, 312RA Creil, Noordoostpolder, The Netherlands
Costs: 4 day full treatment € 660,- | early bird until August first € 599,-
Registration: Wilna Eenkhoorn, www.paradijsopaarde.nu, weenkhoorn@gmail.com

Lena Kristina is an expert in their field of Hawaiian colon cleansing and will provide renewed health for the rest of your life. Read more at: www.lenakristina.se lena.kristina@tuulse.se.