IBF Communications: update on GIC2021 Sweden

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IBF Communications: update on GIC2021 Sweden

Dear IBF members, Dear Breathwork community,

Keeping up faith
The year of 2020 has been extraordinary in many ways and our international community is facing many challenges. We are 9 months into the COVID-19 pandemic. The situation continues to evolve, and we are hopeful that in another 9 months, we will be together in Sweden for a long-awaited celebration of consciousness and breath.

Research is marching on – every day we know a little bit more; The scientific community are closer to producing a vaccine, testing and tracing are becoming faster and more efficient and we understand more about the virus and its long-term effects.
The Swedish GIC team together with the IBF Executive team are keeping up faith and trust regarding the GIC2021 in Sweden next summer. We intend to lead and manage it in a way that takes all the new knowledge about Covid-19 into account.

  • We are keeping up to date with the scientific research.
  • We are working hard to understand international guidance about making large group meetings and events like the GIC safe for everyone who attends.
  • We will agree on the minimum requirements for the GIC to go ahead safely.
  • We will once more look into our booking information including our cancellation policy to ensure that our visitors can book their place for the GIC with confidence.
  • We will also look at the possibilities to provide at least AGM and parts for the GIC covered online, to reasonably priced levels.

We will send out updates on these issues regularly over the coming months.

We understand that the Swedish Government approach to managing COVID-19 is not in alignment with the majority of other countries. We recognise that there is a lot of uncertainty and we respect all opinions on this challenging topic. We are fully committed to create a conscious and safe environment for everyone attending GIC2021.

COVID-19 work group
The GIC Organizers and the IBF ET would like to understand the situation, concerns and guidance in your region and to create an open forum for you to support us as we make the GIC2021 COVID-SAFE.

We invite breath workers, health care workers, national representatives and anyone who feels that they can contribute, to join the “COVID-19 workgroup”.

  • Engage in the COVID-19 topic with participants from many countries.
  • Support the GIC2021 organizers to create a COVID-safe GIC
  • Create an FAQ (Frequently asked questions) on COVID-19 and publish it on the GIC2021 website
  • Share updates with your community back home.

We already have members from our Swedish community, but we would like to have input from your countries as well.

If you would like to join the group, please e-mail info@gic2021.com using the subject “COVID-19 work group”.

IBF Science and Research Advisory Group
IBF has a Science and Research Advisory Group which has already worked hard to create 2 guiding documents early in the pandemic. We have asked them to review the latest guidance and provide us with a framework for creating a safe GIC2021. GIC2021 organizer have ongoing communication with the Science and research Advisory Group.

Up to date information regarding GIC2021
We are in constant contact with the venue in Rättvik who is aligned with us and will gladly host us all. The planning is up and running!

Four Keynote Speakers have reconfirmed that they are planning to attend the GIC2021. They are Petri Berndtson, Sergey Vsekhsvyatskiy, Bo Wahlström and Tilke Platteel-Deur.

All infrastructure in Sweden are already working and is on time – flights, trains and buses.

With all this in mind and in spite of the challenge in front of us, please feel warm heartedly welcome to Global Inspiration Conference, 15-22 August 2021 in Rättvik, Sweden.

Kind regards,
Team GIC2021 Sweden with IBF Executive Team