“We all have the ability to create heaven on earth, making our life a beautiful and perfect wonder.”

Paradise on Earth is a place for awareness and growth. To encourage you to reveal your own wisdom, in order for you as well to take your life in your own hands, embracing it, fulfilling and enlarging it. When this occurs your heart will make little jumps out of sheer joy. I engage myself with heart and soul to create oneness. We strive for returning to the inner powers of our heart. The heart is the leading key to your soul. When your heart is open, it allows your system to function the way it should; being a channel for divine love, creative energy and providing your life with divine abundance.

Paradise on Earth is initiated by Wilna Eenkhoorn.
She wants to be a source of inspiration for realizing Paradise on Earth for everybody.



Seminar: September 27-29 Level I. October 3-6 Level II & III. Price both weekends €1750,- 

Payed before September 1: €1600,-.  

Reclaim Your Soul Power: November 23-24. Five breath sessions 

Reclaim Your Superpowers: December 6-8. Six breath sessions

Professional Breath facilitator Education Program 2020:

Level 4: Part 1: April 10-16, Part 2: May 21-24 and Part 3: May 30, 31 -June 1.

Payed before February 10: € 350,- discount.

For more details check our agenda